We changed the date!

because covid is the worst...

Our new date is now Aug 7, 2021

we're so excited for you to join us in franklin, tn!


It's gonna be the best day

Brent is a self proclaimed foodie. Jena's totallyyyyy fine eating popcorn for dinner every night. He is more a methodical decision maker, while she's a quick start. He loves to tell jokes, and she loves to pretend she hates them.

While our idiosyncrasies are different, it was our love of Jesus, common view of family & community.....and yes, our Pittsburgh heritage that brought us together.

Hey, we're Brent & Jena!


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About Us

Some of you know both us. Some of you have met one, but perhaps not the other. We're excited to let you in on a bit more of our story.

Read about how we met, our engagement, and what we're excited most for our future.

Choose your own adventure

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Our Wedding

Are you planning on coming to Nashville for our nuptials?

We have all the juicy details about lodging, logistics, and the festivities during our wedding weekend. We promise you, you're going to love Nashville!

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The Registry

Truly, it is gift enough for you to join us in Nashville.

But, if you're interested in taking a gander at our registry - feel free to pop on over to our wish list. We're excited to deck out our home with all the fixin's!

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We know, we know

You wanna stalk away 


Here are some of our favorite photos and moments that mark different parts of our relationship. Enjoy!