Brent & Jena

August 8, 2020

The story of us

We waited a long time to meet one another

But, it was all in God's perfect timing

At 29 and 31, we both were wondering, "Hm, does God have this marriage thing for me?" But not a minute too soon or a minute too late did he bring us together. Through many years in the making, a wee bit of humor, and our Pittsburgh heritage, God orchestrated a beautiful love story.

How We Met

Jena was in a Faith at Work seminary-style class that met every week for almost 9 months. As a part of the class, she had to give a presentation around month 6 that told the story of her life. On the last slide of her presentation, she jokingly wrote that she was, "Now taking applications for the future Mr. Jena Viviano."

Unbeknownst to her, her classmate Zach, was playing matchmaker. Brent was in a Bible study with Zach, was from Pittsburgh and met Jena's height and humor requirements. Before Jena sat down from her presentation, Zach had already texted Brent. 

About a week later, Brent called Jena, they went on their first date to 8th and Roast Coffee and well, the rest is history.

As some of their friends joke, "A Yinzer Fairytale".

Number of Times We've Been to Herban Market


Meals brent has cooked


the day of our first date and engagement


Meals Jena has cooked


Cinnamon crumble ice cream


The Office

TV Show:

Brent's Favorite Things

"Laying phat beats"


Herban Market

Nashville Spot:

When she gets goofy

About Jena

Our Engagement

On January 11, 2020, Brent snuck into Jena's apartment while her sister got her out of the house. He doused the place in flowers and candles and was waiting for when she returned. The song "Divine Romance" (a song the Lord gave Jena while she was still living single in NYC) was playing in the background. 

Fun fact: Brent's childhood friend will be singing this song as Jena walks down the aisle.

While Jena kinda had a hunch the engagement was happening, Brent really surprised her when they went over "for a quiet dinner" to their friends' house....only to find all their favorite Nashville people there to celebrate them!

All the popcorn


Not The Office

TV Show:

Jena's Favorite Things

Documentaries, but mostly true crime


JJ's Wine Bar

Nashville Spot:

His loyalty

About Brent:

Our WEdding

We've got all your details right here!

Alright, you ready for some wedding logistics?